Trial began today in Michael Conder and Laura Conder v. Sidney Baucom, M.D.; Sidney Baucom, M.D., P.C.; The orthopedic Clinic, LLC dba The Orthopedic Specialty Clinic; and IHC Health Service, Inc. dba The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital and/or the Orthopedic Specialty Clinic, in the Third Judicial District Court, Salt Lake County, Utah, Case No. 200905651, Judge Keith Kelly presiding. 

This is a Salt Lake medical malpractice case where plaintiffs complain that Dr. Baucom at The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital improperly performed a right distal biceps takedown and repair surgery, and subsequently failed to provide adequate follow-up care. 

Plaintiffs are represented by Ed Havas and Walter Mason at Dewsnup, King, Olsen, Worel, Havas. 

Defendants Sidney Baucom is represented by Shawn McGarry, Kirk Gibbs, and Derek Williams. 

Defendant IHC Health Services is represented by Cortney Kochevar.

The Docket is available here: Conder v. Baucom – Docket
The Amended Complaint is available here: Conder v. Baucom – 2021_01_26 Amended Complaint
The Answers are available here: Conder v. Baucom – IHC Answer 2 Amended Complaint Conder v. Baucom – Baucom Answer to Amended Complaint

I’ll post more information as the trial progresses.

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