Catastrophic Personal Injury
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Catastrophic Personal Injury
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Salt Lake Catastrophic Personal Injury Attorney

Catastrophic Personal Injury

A catastrophic injury is an injury that permanently impacts a person's ability to work, their ability to engage in the normal activities of daily living, and or requires ongoing medical care. The injury is so serious that the damages are permanent. Many catastrophic injuries are the result of physical harm to the spine and/or brain with severe short- or long-term impact on the person's physical or mental capabilities. Serious burns, paralysis, and degloving injuries are other types of catastrophic injuries.

If you have sustained serious injuries with long-term effects which are debilitating or limiting your actions and mental abilities, then you have likely suffered a catastrophic injury. These types of injuries often include loss of limbs, becoming unable to walk, or to clearly think, reason, or recall information.

As a Salt Lake catastrophic personal injury attorney who has recovered millions of dollars for clients, my office can help you navigate the hurdles and answer questions associated with recovering your damages.

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