Chuck Conrad, attorney at law.
"As a lawyer, I meet the best people
at their worst times, when they
need help the most." SM
Charles T. Conrad

Salt Lake Catastrophic Injury Attorney

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Chuck Conrad, attorney at law.
"As a lawyer, I meet the
best people at their
worst times, when
they need help
the most." SM
Charles T.

Salt Lake Catastrophic
Injury Attorney

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Conrad Law PC, is located in Salt Lake City, Utah
and serves clients in Utah and Washington.
Conrad Law PC, is located
in Salt Lake City, Utah and serves
clients in Utah and Washington.

Salt Lake City
Catastrophic Injury

Salt Lake City
Injury Attorney

As accident lawyers at Salt Lake City's Conrad Law, P.C., we handle a wide variety of catastrophic personal injury claims. You can learn more about our practice areas by clicking on the topic-specific links on this page. When you are ready, please contact us to set up a free initial consultation. The consultation is FREE and there is no fee unless we obtain a recovery for you.

Our experienced team of personal injury lawyers has recovered millions of dollars for our clients. We focus on catastrophic injury cases and have all the right expertise to file your claim and get you through this painful process as quickly as possible. We can make sure you understand your rights under the law. So, don't wait, it's important to start on your case soon. The clock may already be ticking on the statute of limitations for your case. Utah law requires plaintiffs to file within a limited period of time. This window can be quite short and any delay may prevent you from bringing your case.

We fight for our clients. If you have been injured through someone else's fault, negligence, malpractice, or malfeasance, the law is on your side. We can help you obtain justice.

Salt Lake Catastrophic Injury Attorney
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Catastrophic Personal Injury
Brain & Spinal Cord Injury
Wrongful Death
Road Construction Accidents
Insurance Bad Faith
Medical Malpractice
Auto Accidents
Slip & Fall/Premises Liability
Industrial Accidents
Products Liability
Complex Commercial litigation
Charles T. Conrad

Background, qualifications, and associations for Chuck Conrad.

Charles "Chuck" Conrad has quickly accumulated a distinctive record with expertise in the areas of catastrophic personal injuries and tort, complex commercial litigation and bad-faith insurance claims, and Qui Tam claims (violations of the False Claims Act).

He has been widely acknowledged as a top lawyer, being named regularly to many of the profession's most highly recognized listings including National Trial Lawyers Top 100, an invited-only group comprising the most outstanding trial lawyers from each state who meet rigorous qualifications, whether as civil plaintiff and/or criminal defense trial counsel. Membership is determined through a peer nominating process and third-party research to certify qualifications of superior leadership, reputation, influence, stature and public profile. Other honors include Top 40 Under 40 (also an invitation-only process); Utah Legal Elite, a listing published by Utah Business Magazine highlighting the top lawyers in Utah as voted by their peers.

Chuck is a member of both the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, of which fewer than one percent of U.S. lawyers are members. The Forums signify the individual's unique expertise in achieving superior results in complex litigation, which, in turn, serves as a professional platform for experienced colleagues across the nation to exchange information, provide expert assistance and identify professional referrals.


  • Utah Bar Association
  • Washington Bar Association
  • Utah Association for Justice
  • Utah Association for Justice Legislative Committee
  • Washington State Association for Justice
  • American Association for Justice
  • Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • National Trial Lawyers top 100
10.0Charles T Conrad
Chuck is a member in good standing of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Multimillion Dollar Advocates Forum, Utah Association for Justice and The National Trial Lawyers Top 100.
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Conrad Law represents catastrophically injured people and their families against the people, businesses, or governments that injured them. If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury or been killed because of someone else's actions, Conrad Law has the experience necessary to help you navigate this difficult and challenging time and to recover against those responsible for your injuries.

Do I have a viable case?

ANSWER — We offer free consultations to evaluate your case, and you will not be responsible to pay Conrad Law attorney fees unless we win.

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What about out-of-pocket fees?

ANSWER — Conrad Law, P.C. will advance any up-front, out-of-pocket costs to pursue your case. We will not charge you any fee unless we obtain a settlement or verdict in your favor.

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What will this cost?

ANSWER — If we agree to represent you, Conrad Law will provide the financial resources to ensure that your case is well-prepared. You will not be obligated to pay our firm any fees if we are unable to obtain money for you by verdict or settlement.

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What do you get for your attorney's fee?

ANSWER — Our legal fee, upon resolution of your case, will be calculated as a percentage of the settlement or judgment.

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Who will work on my case?

ANSWER — Conrad Law is a small firm specializing in catastrophic injury law, founded by Charles Conrad. All cases are personally overseen by Mr. Conrad. Associate attorneys play an essential role, however, and our firm takes a team approach to casework. Our clients are encouraged to collaborate as members of that team as we work towards winning settlements and financial compensation.

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What kinds of personal injury cases dop you handle?

ANSWER — We are passionate about seeking justice and compensation for those who have suffered catastrophic personal injury from the negligence of others, whether in a motor vehicle (e.g., car, truck, taxi, Uber, Lyft, bus, bicycle, motorcycle, etc.), medical malpractice, brain and spinal injury, road construction accident, industrial accident, product liability accident, or slip-and-fall, as well as wrongful death.

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How long will my case take?

ANSWER — Cases vary widely in scope and complexity. The length of a case depends on several variables, so it is not possible to say exactly how long a case may take. Also, courts often have a backlog of cases and consider older cases before recent cases. Some cases do settle before going to court, but a settlement usually will not occur until the trial date is near.

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Does it matter how long I wait to file a lawsuit?

ANSWER — Yes. It is important to contact us as soon as possible after you have been harmed. Statutes of limitations and other factors can prevent your case from being considered if it is not filed on time.

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Will my case go to trial?

ANSWER — Trial can often be avoided through an amicable settlement. Conrad Law, however, will always prepare your case on the assumption that we will proceed to trial.

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Can I bring a case for a family member who has died?

ANSWER — Yes. Plaintiffs are often family members of deceased victims.

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How much can I expect to win in damages?

ANSWER — It is very difficult to know how much any case might be worth. Every case is unique, and specific monetary awards are impossible to predict. Injury victims may be entitled to be reimbursed for all harms and losses caused by their accident.

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How can I find one of the best catastrophic injury attorneys in Salt Lake?

ANSWER — Let's start with a free initial consultation. If we can't take your case, we'll try to refer you to an attorney who can help you.

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How do I get started on my Catastrophic Injury case?

ANSWER — We'll make this easy for you. Just request a Free Catastrophic Injury Consultation on our website. If you prefer to contact us by phone, dial (801) 996-7109.

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I've been seriously or catastrophically injured, or my family member has been seriously or catastrophically injured. Should I hire a lawyer?

ANSWER — Yes. Anytime a person has been seriously or catastrophically injured because of someone else's fault, it is best to have an attorney to represent your interests as soon as possible. It is not necessary to wait until an insurance company is being difficult or not offering to settle the claims to hire an attorney.

The best time to hire an attorney is as soon as you know that the injury was someone else's fault. This allows the attorney you hire to start investigating and managing your case early and to protect you and your family.

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Do I have to speak to the other person or entity's insurance company before hiring a lawyer?

ANSWER — No. You are under no obligation to speak to the other person or entity's insurance company before hiring a lawyer. If you wish to say anything at all, you can inform them that you intend to retain an attorney and that any communication should go through your attorney's office once he or she has been hired.

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My family member has been killed, should I hire a lawyer?

ANSWER — Yes. Anytime a person has been killed because of someone else's fault, you want to have an attorney representing your family's interests as soon as possible. Wrongful death and survival claims are complicated and should be handled by an attorney with experience dealing with the complexities they present.

Anytime there is a death in the family, there are so many difficult things to process and manage, it is best to allow an attorney to handle any claims that you or your family member may have.

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How much does it cost to hire a personal injury attorney at Conrad Law, P.C.?

ANSWER — 1/3 or 33 and 1/3% of the gross recovery in most cases. In some cases against the U.S. government fees are limited to 25% of the gross recovery. In other very time consuming and complicated cases, the fee may be 40% of the gross recovery.

This is simpler than it sounds. If you hire me to represent you in a personal injury action, it will cost you nothing unless I recover. My office advances all costs and expert fees associated with resolving your claims. At the end of your case, my fees are calculated from the total recovery, any costs are subtracted after that, and the remainder goes to the client, and, if necessary, to the client's medical providers to satisfy any liens or medical bills.

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How long will it take to settle or resolve my case?

ANSWER — This is a difficult question to answer because each case is different and has its own complications. A personal injury or wrongful death case could be resolved within 4 months under certain very specific conditions. More likely than not, these cases take a year or more to resolve.

In cases of serious injury, you don't want to settle or resolve your claim too quickly because it is very difficult to know the complete extent of damages that you will need to address.

In some complicated cases, it can take years to resolve the claim through negotiated settlement or trial.

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How do I pick a lawyer?

ANSWER — You should pick the lawyer that has the expertise to address your case and has a proven track record of obtaining good results for other clients.

Just as important, however, is how do you get along with your attorney? Do you "click?" A personal injury or wrongful death case can take a long time to resolve. The relationship between an attorney and client is intimate and ongoing. Because of the very nature of a catastrophic injury or death, you should feel like you can talk to your attorney and that your attorney will be responsive and available for you.

The first question should be competence, the second and almost coequal question is can I get along with this person for the next year or two? Better yet, I like this person and I am excited he is working on my case.

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Catastrophic Injury vs. Personal Injury

Injury vs.
Personal Injury

A catastrophic injury is a personal injury that results in permanent disability, long-lasting medical problems, a decreased quality of life or reduced life expectancy. Catastrophic injury victims often require extremely expensive medical treatment and care. These injuries often require repeated and continued medical procedures and long-term medical care. Catastrophic injuries often impair quality of life and the victim's ability to support themselves and their family.

Catastrophic injuries often require are more complex and should be handled by an attorney with experience analyzing the various types of damages, the value of the damages, and the evidence necessary to support those damages. Catastrophic injury claims and non-catastrophic personal injury claims differ mostly in terms of the amount of money in controversy and legal complexity. Catastrophic injury claims can result in larger settlements because of the severity of the physical injuries suffered by the plaintiff. Damages awarded can include medical expenses and loss of income, as well as emotional damages for the injuries suffered.

Catastrophic personal injuries often have long-lasting effects. Victims of paralysis, brain injury, spinal cord injury may suffer ongoing issues that last for the remainder of their lives. Their lives will likely revolve around medical appointments, medication, and therapy. They may require numerous surgical procedures. Compensation for catastrophic injuries, therefore, must calculate and account for the long-term medical needs of the victim.

Catastrophic injury cases often require a great deal of medical and economic expertise to articulate the damages from the injury. Courts may expect to hear expert testimony from experts who have examined the patient and assessed their future needs.

Because catastrophic injury cases can lead to very large trial awards and settlements, defendants will often fight very hard to limit a person's recovery or have the matter dismissed entirely. Those defendants will often have the means to hire large teams of highly skilled attorneys who will vigorously defend their clients' interests.

Your Rights

Your Rights

If you or your loved ones have been injured due to the negligence of someone else, you will want to speak with one of our catastrophic injury lawyers in Salt Lake City. We can make sure you understand your rights under the law. One of our top Salt Lake attorneys can evaluate your case and help you recover the compensation to which you are entitled.

Statute of Limitations

Statute of

It's important to start on your case soon. The clock may already be ticking on the statute of limitations for your case. Utah law requires plaintiffs to file within a limited period of time. This window can be quite short and any delay may prevent you from bringing your case.

Scope of Practice
(Types of Injury Cases)

Scope of Practice
(Types of
Injury Cases)

We accept only a limited number of cases. Catastrophic injury cases require a high level of focus and intense dedication. Our scope of practice includes the following: Auto Accidents, Bike Accidents, Boat Accidents, Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries, Bus Accidents, Catastrophic Injury Accidents, Defective/Unsafe Products, Industrial Accidents, Insurance Bad Faith, Light Rail Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Motorcycle Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, Premises Liability Accidents, Product Liability Accidents, Road Construction Accidents, Slip and Fall Accidents, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Truck Accidents, and Wrongful Death.

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