The Salt Lake medical malpractice case of Weidman v. Fisher, #180901409 (Third District Court for Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City Division) was set to start this coming Tuesday, January 18th, before the Hon. Teresa Welch. A jury was already selected on January 6th.

However, just this morning the trial was rescheduled for May 9. One juror dropped out yesterday due to Covid, several staff and family members of counsel are ill, and experts were scheduled to fly in from out of state. So attorneys for both sides and the court agreed it wiser to postpone for four months– trusting that the Covid situation in Utah will have improved by then.

The presiding judge in May will be Hon. Dianna Gibson. Here’s the stipulated order on the continuance.

​Counsel for plaintiffs: Brady Rasmussen, Jones Waldo and Jared Faerber, The Faerber Law Firm.

Counsel for defendant: Steve Owens and James Egan of Epperson & Owens  ​

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