Tomorrow a Utah medical malpractice trial opens in St. George before Senior Judge Pam Heffernan. Plaintiff is Peggy Thatcher, an older woman who had a spinal procedure (XLIF– surgical cage- at L4-5) performed at Dixie Regional Medical Center in 2009 by Dr. Gary Snook, an orthopedic surgeon.

That surgery failed, and a laminectomy/fusion was made necessary. The claim is that there was too much osteoporosis to warrant attempting the XLIF, and that it actually worsened her spinal instability. The defense contends that a post-operative fall led to the need for the second surgery, and that the XLIF was appropriate.

Mrs. Thatcher now alleges that her spinal pain and instability is worse, that she also suffers from a compression of the L4 nerve root, and a foot drop. Medical expenses are in the range of $135,000.

Plaintiff’s counsel: Aaron Prisbey and Trevor Sanders
Defendant’s counsel: Cathy Larson

Defendant’s carrier: Utah Medical Insurance Association

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