I hope you all had a wonderful summer! 

Many of you have asked recently, what going on with the blog? When will we get more updates? Will I report on the trials over the summer? 

Here is the quick answer: Yes! Emphatically, yes. The IT/web folks have been working hard to update the website so that it has the same color pallet as Fabian VanCott along with adding the other attorneys working in the torts group. We needed photos, we needed design work, we needed all of the things. You all have done this before and know the amount of work that goes into it. Good news – we’re nearly finished. 

The second part that we have been working on is an AI generated search tool to locate and identify trials. If it works, fingers crossed, the program with produce a daily summary of all tort trials in Utah that will be published on the site. This has been a major undertaking. 

I wanted to wait until the site remodel was finished before publishing more blogs, but that isn’t in the cards. Next week, I’ll update you all on Ernest Istook’s Plaintiff’s’ verdict, Ron Kramer’s Plaintiff’s verdict, Tom Rollins Defense verdict, the Plaintiff’s wrongful death verdict that came in yesterday, and I also understand Jayrl Rencher and co were in trial recently as well.  If you know of any trials or recent verdicts, please let me know and I’ll get them published quickly. 

Have a great weekend.