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The jury returned a unanimous defense verdict last week in Hinson v. Wilson, et al., Case No. 170500085, Iron County, Utah. Judge Jeffrey Wilcox presiding.

The Complaint alleged that:

On July 9, 2015, David Hinson was treated at Valley View Medical Center Emergency Room complaining of a dislocated left shoulder while lifting his daughter. He also reported taking coumadin for a heart-valve condition. He was discharged to home with a shoulder bruise.

He returned the next day complaining of worsening pain, discoloration, and swelling of his arm. Dr. Wilson was his emergency room physician that day. He was diagnosed with a left arm hematoma and sent home.

On July 12, he returned to Valley View Medical Center Emergency Room complaining of increasing pain, numbness, and tingling. He was discharged with an acute hematoma and high INR (International Normalised ratio test) and referred to his treating cardiologist in Texas.

When he presented to his physician in Texas he was diagnosed with a severe brachial plexus neuropathy requiring surgical decompression. Mr. Hinson alleged that the failure to timely treat the hematoma and subsequent surgery caused a loss of vision in his eye. All substantive allegations were denied.

The jury found that Dr. Darrell Wilson, Kimberly Haycock, P.A., and Jared Cox, D.O. did not breach the standard of care.

Congratulations to the trial teams:

Vaun Hall and Derek Williams of Campbell, Williams, Ference & Hall, LLC, represented Dr. Darrell Wilson. Kirk Gibbs and Nan Bassett represented Kimberly Haycock, PA and Dr. Jared Cox.

The trial documents and other materials are available below. I recommend reviewing the questions the jury had during the trial.