Trial is scheduled to begin today in Thompsen v. Murray City School District, Case No. 190903583, Salt Lake County, Utah, Judge Kara Pettit. 

Plaintiff was injured during his weight-lifting class when a teacher pushed him to lift more than his body could withstand and he was injured. 

There are some interesting turns in this case, so I have included a couple motions and orders along with the usual materials.
1. Thompson v. Murray – Docket
2. Thompson v. Murray – Complaint 
3. Thompson v. Murray – Answer
4. Thompson v. Murray – Mot 2 Dismiss
5. Thompson v. Murray – Opp 2 Mot 2 Dismiss
6. Thompson v. Murray – Reply Mot 2 Dismiss
7. Thompson v. Murray – Order re Mot 2 Dismiss
8. Thompson v. Murray – Mot 2 Exclude Expert 
9. Thompson v. Murray – Opp 2 Mot 2 Exclude Expert
10. Thompson v. Murray – Reply 2 Mot 2 Exclude Expert
11. Thompson v. Murray – Mot 2 sub expert 
12. Thompson v. Murray – Opp 2 Mot 2 sub expert
13. Thompson v. Murray – Reply Mot 2 sub expert 
14. Thompson v. Murray – Order granting Mot 2 sub expert  
15. Thompson v. Murray – Stipulated Special Verdict Form  

Trial Team for Plaintiff is: Chris Thresher, Alan Tucker, and Michael Driggs. 

Trial Team for Defendant is: John Holt, Janet Munoz, Adam Wentz, and Michael Stahler.

Best of luck on a good trial. 

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