On April 20, 2023, a Davis County Jury returned a $500,000 Utah personal injury verdict in Hawkes v. Hughes General Contractors, Inc., Case No. 200700307, Davis County, Utah, Judge Glen Dawson. 

Mr. Hughes broke his feet, heels, and ankles when he fell using a ladder at a jobsite under the control of Hughes General Contractors. 

1. Hawkes v. Hughes – Docket
2. Hawkes v. Hughes – Complaint
3. Hawkes v. Hughes – Amended Complaint
4. Hawkes v. Hughes – Answer to Amended Complaint
5. Hawkes v. Hughes – Answer to Third Party Complaint
6. Hawkes v. Hughes – Preliminary Jury Instructions
7. Hawkes v. Hughes – Final Jury Instructions
8. Hawkes v. Hughes – Special Verdict Form

The Jury awarded the following:

Past Medical Expenses – $35,757.78
Future Medical Expenses – $70,000.00
General Damages – $394,242.22

Total – $500,000. 

Congratulations to the trial attorney Travis Alkire.

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