Trial began today in the Utah personal injury case of Sanderson v. Paltrow, Case No. 190500048, Third District Court, Summit County, Utah, Judge Kent Holmberg.

This is a ski accident case. Plaintiff, Terry Sanderson, sued Gwyneth Paltrow (yes, that one) for colliding with him at Deer Valley. Ms. Paltrow counterclaimed alleging that Mr. Sanderson caused the collision and that she was injured. 

You can watch the trial online here:

and here:

The Docket is available here: Sanderson v. Paltrow – Docket
The Amended Complaint is available here: Sanderson v. Paltrow – Amended Complaint
The Answer and Counterclaim is available here: Sanderson v. Paltrow – Answer and Counterclaim

I’ll update this with the other pleadings and documents as soon as I am able. Also, keep your eyes open for three other cases that I will be reporting on in the next couple of days. 

Gwyneth Paltrow Utah Personal Injury Ski Accident Case

Trial Teams are: 

For Plaintiff: Robert Sykes For Defendants: Stephen Owens
C Peter Sorensen    Peter Jensen
Lawrence Buhler    James Egan
Kristin Van Orman    Nourin Abourahma
Christina Isom
Jessica Johnston

Good luck to both teams.

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