On February 2, 2023, the jury found that Dr. Brent W. Miller did not breach the standard of care in Dutcher v. Miller, et al., Case No. 180100206, First District Court, Cache County, Utah, Judge Brian Cannell. 

The Plaintiff alleged that Dr. Miller breached the standard of care when he inadvertently transected 70-80% of the median nerve while performing carpel tunnel release surgery. Plaintiff specifically alleged that Dr. Miller was negligent in pre, intra and postoperative care and treatment; failure to guard against transection or other injury of the median nerve; inadequate surgical technique; and failure to obtain informed consent.

The Docket is available here: Docket – Dutcher v. Miller
The Complaint is available here: Complaint – Dutcher v. Miller
The Answer is available here: Answer – Dutcher v. Miller
The Jury Instructions are available here: Jury Instructions – Dutcher v. Miller
The Special Verdict Form is available here: Jury Verdict – Dutcher v. Miller

Congratulations to the trial team of David Epperson, Scott Epperson, and Nourin Abourahma.

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