On February 2, 2023, the jury returned a verdict in favor of defendants Utah Radiology Associates and Val. D. Dunn, MD, in Foote v. Utah Radiology Associates and Val. D. Dunn, Case No. 180400148, Fourth District Court, Utah County, Utah, Judge Robert Lunnen. 

Plaintiffs, Carl Foote, the heirs and Estate of Sharon Foote, deceased, alleged that Dr. Dunn failed to diagnose a large perforation of Mrs. Foote’s colon when he reviewed her CT scan on December 25, 2016. She died on January 14, 2017. Her death certificate identified the causes of death as necrotizing pneumonia due to septic shock, cytomegalovirus viremia, and bowel perforation. 

The jury determined that Dr. Dunn did not breach the standard of care in reading Mrs. Foote’s CT scan. 

The Complaint is available here: Complaint – Foote v. Dunn
The Answer is available here: Answer – Foote v. Dunn
The Jury Instructions are available here: Jury Instructions – Foote v. Dunn
The Special Verdict Form is available here: Special Verdict- Foote v. Dunn

Defendants were represented by Jaryl Rencher and Benjamin Lusty (no photo available). 

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