In James LaRue v. Michael Conley, M.D., et al., Case No. 200400819, 4th District Court – Provo, Utah, Dave Epperson and Nourin Abourahma successfully defended medical malpractice claims against Dr. Michael Conley for burns sustained by James LaRue from a heating/warming pad during a Thoracotomy.
Prior to filing suit, Plaintiffs entered into a settlement agreement with Intermountain Medical Group and Utah Valley Hospital. That settlement was disclosed to the jury. 

The Docket is available here: Docket – Larue v. Conley
The Utah Medical Malpractice Complaint is available here: Complaint – Larue v. Conley
The Answer is available here: Answer – Larue v. Conley
The Jury Instructions are available here: Closing Jury Instructions – Larue v. Conley Opening Trial Instructions – Larue v. Conley
The Special Verdict Form is available here: Special Verdict Form – Larue v. Conley

Congratulations to the lawyers on the medical malpractice trial team.

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