This is a personal injury case involving traumatic brain injury.

Jury selection occurred on September 26, 2022, in Wood v. Riggs, Hon. Derek Pullman # 170401435. The trial started today and it is scheduled for 8 days.

The plaintiff in this case was injured when she tried to render assistance to individuals involved in a car crash she witnessed. Ms. Wood was injured by an unnamed third-party as she was crossing the street to help the injured people in the accident. It is alleged that the car crash occurred as the result of Defendants’ negligence. It is further alleged that Ms. Wood sustained a traumatic brain injury, facial fractures, dental fractures, and scarring. 

Defendants attorneys argue that the third-party is the sole cause of Ms. Wood’s injuries. 

Dr. Erin Bigler is testifying on behalf of Ms. Wood regarding the her brain injury and continued sequela. 

Plaintiff’s additional experts are: Judith L. Gooch, M.D., Wendell Gibby, M.D., and Tyler Bowles. 

Dr. Adam Shwebach is expected to testify on behalf of Defendants that Ms. Wood is not suffering continued deficits/sequela as the result of her brain injury. 

Defendants’ additional expert are: Matthew Mecham, Jamie Maddux, Carol Lindsay, and Stephen R. Thorlakson.  

Defendants filed an Offer of Judgment for $50,000.00.

The Complaint in this Utah brain injury case is available here: Complaint – Wood v. Riggs

The Stipulated Jury Instructions are available here: Proposed Jury Instructions – Wood v. Riggs

The Plaintiff’s additional proposed instructions are here: Plaintiffs Non-Stipulated Jury Instructions – Wood v. Riggs

The Defendants’ additional proposed instructions are here: Defendants’ Proposed Non-Stipulated Jury Instructions – Wood v. Riggs

Plaintiff is represented by Tyler Young and Jessica Andrew (no photo available):


Defendants are represented by Kristin Van Orman, Matt Harrison, and Jessica Johnston:

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