Hi All, 

As you heard from Frank, this will be the new home of all his prior blogs and resources. They are being stored on my website just as Frank had them on his. You can find the blog here: http://www.salt-lake-catastrophic-injury-attorney.com/blog-archive/

Thank you, Frank, for trusting me to maintain your work and continue the trial blog. I’m going to work hard not to screw it up!

All of you, please let me know if there is an upcoming trial you want me to blog about. I will continue to go through court filings to dig everything up, but please help a guy out and don’t be bashful. The web team is building a form to submit your case information, but in the meantime, you can send any case info to me directly at cconrad@fabianvancott.com or cconrad@conradlawpc.com.

I am really excited to keep this going for all of us. It is an invaluable resource that we all use to keep up to date with current trends in jury verdicts and trials.

Finally, just as I promised Frank, I promise you, this resource will continue to be neutral in tone and an educational resource open to all.

I am looking forward to all of this, but please wish me a little luck too.

All my best,

Chuck Conrad