Utah medical malpractice case: This evening the jury in Holmes v. Davis et al., Hon. Richard Mrazik, #170500575 (Third District Court for Summit County, Silver Summit District) returned a verdict finding no breach of the standard of care by any of the defendants. (See my earlier post from June 5th for the facts of the case.)

Here is the Special Verdict. Here are the Jury Instructions.

Counsel for Mr. Johnson and Dr. Davis: Kurt Frankenburg and Carolyn Stevens, Litchfield Cavo (Salt Lake); LaMar Jost and Clarissa Collier, Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell (Denver). Carrier is Constellation Mutual/UMIA.

​Counsel for Estate of Dr. Ferguson: David C. Epperson and Scott Epperson of Epperson & OwensCarrier is Preferred Physicians Medical.

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