Late this afternoon the jury returned a verdict for the defense in the trial of Winn v. McKinlay, #170902137Third District Court for Salt Lake County (Judge Laura Scott). (Please see my blog for November 4th for details of the case.)

​The jury, after deliberating for three hours, determined that there was no breach of the standard of care by either of the two individual defendants, Dr. McKinlay or Dr. Todd. The jury did find Dr. McKinlay’s clinic was negligent for not passing along the post-operative anticoagulation instructions of the pulmonologist, Dr. Bird, but found no causation linked to Ms. Winn’s injuries.

​Here is the Special Verdict as completed.




Note- I don’t name counsel for the losing side in my verdict reports. It smacks of kicking someone when they’re down. Anyone who tries cases is going to lose some, and I see no need to rub it in.