Arnold v White/Grigsby has finally gone to trial. A Utah medical malpractice case that involves a perforated colon in Gina Arnold following a colonoscopy back in 1999, it has gone up on appeal four times:

Arnold v Grigsby I, 2008 UT App 58, 180 P.3d 188 
(statute of limitations: tolling for out-of-state defendant)

Arnold v Grigsby II, 2009 UT 88, 225 P.3d 192 (reversing Court of Appeals on #1)

Arnold v. Grigsby III, 2010 UT App 226, 239 P.3d 294 (statute of limitations: discovery)

Arnold v. Grigsby IV, 2012 UT 61, 289 P.3d 449 (affirming on other grounds)

In any event, this medical malpractice trial is now underway out in Duchesne before Judge Samuel Chiara. Charlie Arnold v. David Grigsby, #020800066, Eight District Court for Duchesne County.

Mike Miller and Kat Abke of Strong & Hanni have the defense of Dr. White; plaintiffs are represent by Roger Christensen of Christensen & Jensen and Gabriel White.

Trial should last into next week.

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