The jury returned a verdict of $2,900,000 just after five o’clock this afternoon in the Salt Lake medical malpractice trial of Wilcox v. Exodus Healthcare. (See my post of February 7th.) (This was the failure-to-diagnose aortic dissection wrongful death case.)  I’ve not yet seen the Special Verdict, but I am told that 30% fault was assessed to the decedent, Keith Wilcox. With prejudgment interest, that will result in a net verdict of around $2,000,000. (This on a “no-offer” case.)

Plaintiffs’ counsel: Norm Younker and Ashton Hyde; defense counsel: Mike Miller and Kathleen Abke. Krista Wilcox, in behalf of the heirs of Keith Wilcox v. Exodus Healthcare Network, PLLC, #140902527, Third District Court for Salt Lake County, Utah.

I will update this post with a copy of the Special Verdict and other information after I get a chance to speak with counsel.

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