A surprising announcement out today from the Utah Supreme Court: English-style gowns and wigs will soon be required garb of all licensed members of the bar appearing in Utah trial courts. In a notice of a new standing rule that issued this morning, the Court’s spokesperson announced:

“We in the judicial branch have been concerned for some time about the declining standards of dress by counsel in the courtrooms. There have been complaints of attorneys appearing without suit coats, female attorneys in skanky fishnet stockings and short skirts, and even one case of a male attorney wearing shorts and a sportcoat. The trial courts have done an admirable job of attempting to set minimal standards of appropriate dress, without consistent success. Enough is enough. Therefore, on our own initiative, we issue a standing order that as of May 1, 2016, all counsel appearing in all courtrooms of the State of Utah must wear dark– preferably black– silk gowns. Appropriate horsehair wigs to complement this new standard of dress are strongly encouraged. We believe this will go far in encouraging appropriate  and civil conduct among members of the bar.”

My sources tell me that that the “gowns and wigs” issue was hotly debated among members of the court. Some argued that wigs are hell on hairstyles, hot, and itchy, but all were eventually convinced to support the initiative. Members of the bar may eventually come to like the idea– it will surely save money on clothing. And gowns are an admirable cover for the brethren still getting by with their two-pant Mr. Mac suits.

Inquiries from counsel about the new rule should be directed to the court’s media liaison, Avril Poisson.

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