The Utah Supreme Court has approved the trial and post-trial motions rules amendments, effective May 1, 2016. (See my blog entry from May 29, 2015) These make some  substantive changes, and update the language and style of Rules 50,  52, 41, 59, and 60)  to match their federal counterparts and eliminate antiquated language.

For the details on the rules amendments, click this link. In summary, the language on the rules is significantly updated, including changing “Motion for Directed Verdict” to “Motion for a Judgment as a Matter of Law”, and “Motion for JNOV” to “Motion to Renew Judgment as a Matter of Law.” 

The major substantive change is that you will have 28 days– instead of 10– to file post-trial motions. That deadline remains jurisdictional, and cannot be extended under Rule 6.

Also, the “gotcha” requiring renewal of a motion for directed verdict (or motion for judgment as a matter of law) at the end of all the evidence has been eliminated

I am pleased to see this update of our trial motions rules to finally track those of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

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