Another medical malpractice trial (see my earlier post on the Richards case) starts Tuesday, September 1, in Judge Mark Kouris’s courtroom in Salt Lake City. The case is Kortney Hinckley v. Vernon Yamashiro, M.D., C/N 1309038.

Plaintiff’s counsel is Mike Zundel and Jim Bergstedt from the Prince Yeates firm. Defense counsel is David H. Epperson.

Dr. Yamashiro is a well-regarded local obstetrician insured for this matter by Med-Pro.

In 2011, Kortney Hinckley was 29 years old and a patient of Dr. Yamashiro’s for the delivery of her second child. The delivery was complicated by postpartum hemorrhage due to retained placenta. Uterine curettage was necessary to remove retained products of conception. About a month after delivery. Ms. Hinckley continued to have irregular vaginal bleeding and a fever. An ultrasound showed an echogenic mass in the uterine fundus, possibly suggestive of placenta accreta. (Placenta embedded into the uterine wall, usually requiring a hysterectomy.)

Dr. Yamashiro performed a uterine curettage in an attempt to remove the retained products of conception. Unfortunately, this resulted in a uterine and bowel perforation with some permanent complications to Ms. Hinckley.

The claim is that all this could have been avoided had Dr. Yamashiro simply gone straight to a hysterectomy. Ms. Hinckley did not wish to have any more children, and the allegation is that the standard of care requires a hysterectomy where placenta accreta is suspected, not half-way measures like a D&C. Dr. Yamashiro denies this, and contends that a conservative approach is indicated so soon after a delivery and that a hysterectomy might have led to worse complications.

There are top-shelf experts on both sides. Both sets of counsel are highly capable and experienced. David Epperson is the dean of the med-mal defense bar; Mike Zundel generally does commercial litigation, but is known to be thorough, tough, and fair, and I predict will try an excellent Utah medical malpractice case.

Stay tuned. The case filing log to date is here.

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