Jaryl Rencher’s cross-examination of the plaintiff’s expert in a recent medical malpractice trial in Duchesne was apparently so effective that plaintiff’s counsel voluntarily dismissed the claim.

This claim involved a woman suffering from severe lymphedema after a double mastectomy. Marjorie Kurtenbach v. David Kryzymowski,M.D. , Civil #120800027 (8th District Court for Duchesne County, Judge Samuel P. Chiara) (April 6-8, 2015).

I am told that the plaintiff’s expert, at the end of a devastating cross examination by Mr. Rencher, refused to answer a question to the effect of “So can you really say that my client deviated from the standard of care?” Needless to say, the case was promptly dismissed by plaintiff’s counsel.

Ouch. Few things for a trial lawyer are worse than watching your carefully-chosen (and highly-compensated) expert fall apart on the stand, while you melt into the floor.