There was a stunning defense verdict last night in a Utah medical malpractice case tried over two weeks before Judge Barry Lawrence in West Jordan District Court.

This was a medical malpractice claim in Salt Lake County alleging negligent use of a blood thinner– Lovenox– in a patient who was recovering from a lumbar decompression. The blood thinner– prescribed for potential cardiac problems– led to a spinal epidural hematoma and permanent partial paralysis in the 73-year old male patient. The defendants– a spinal surgeon and a cardiologist– denied all claims of negligence. Economic damages in excess of 3.7M were claimed.

The jury agreed with the defense, and returned a verdict in favor of the doctors after an hour of deliberation.

Plaintiffs’ attorneys were Eric Nielson, Ryan Springer, and Colin King. Appearing for the cardiologist were Kirk Gibbs and Shawn McGarry. Counsel for the spinal surgeon was Steve Owens. St. Mark’s Hospital was also originally a defendant, but was dismissed during trial.

Leonard and Rebecca McConnell v. MountainStar Health Care, et al., Civil #120405921, Third Judicial District Court for Salt Lake County (West Jordan Division).

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