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Eagle Feature:
Charles “Chuck” Conrad

by Amy Arburn

Chuck Conrad lives in Salt Lake City with his wife and fellow attorney Katie and their two children. Originally, he hails from Spokane, Washington, and he is the third generation of his family to attend Gonzaga University School of Law. Before law school, he studied philosophy and religion, also at Gonzaga, worked on a farm, in landscaping and construction, and as a professional SCUBA diving instructor. Law School, originally, was intended to be his first stop on the way to starting his own underwater discovery company. But when he was diagnosed with Type I diabetes and unable to dive anymore, things changed. “In a way, it was lucky because I went to work with my dad.” Chuck says. “He was a solo practitioner focused on plaintiff’s personal injury, worker’s compensation, and social security disability in Spokane. And it was while practicing with him, that I learned that I loved helping people and how personally meaningful it is.” Last year, Chuck followed in his father’s footsteps and opened his own office, Conrad Law, P.C.

Chuck is also a Gold Eagle Member of the UAJ and he kindly agreed to be this Issue’s Featured Eagle. We asked questions. He gave answers. Here they are:

Chuck, before we dive into anything else, I just wanted to check in and see how you’re doing. The COVID-19 outbreak has changed our way of life in so many ways and it all happened relatively quickly. How have you adjusted, both personally and professionally? We’re all in this together so I think it’s important we share our own stories about adapting to this situation.

As all things in nature change, so is it true for us. Adaptation is a necessary component of the human condition.

The current pandemic has created a great number of changes, but I do not think that they are all bad. Like most of us, I am practicing from home with a few excursions to my office to check the mail and water my plant. All of my meetings are online now, and I am finally really comfortable with practicing from my home office.

There have been some great benefits to this, however. I see my family more and spend more time with my children. Lunch is usually a quick workout and then playing with my kids before I go back to my office to work. My four-year-old son has started to knock on my door and ask if I am ready for a break to play. I cannot think of any other time in my practice when my stroll to the office kitchen to get a drink spontaneously devolved into a quick game of tag or tickle. The social distancing has been difficult, but I have enjoyed the time with my family.

You’re absolutely right. Despite the challenges we’re facing, we can find the silver linings if we look close enough. Spontaneous tag and tickle sessions with your kids sounds like a pretty decent one to me. I’m glad to hear you’re doing well, Chuck. Alright. On to the UAJ-focused portion of our interview. First off, how has the UAJ made you more successful as an attorney?

It is difficult to quantify how participation in one organization has made me more successful as an attorney. The community and especially the listserv have been invaluable as I transitioned to my own office, but I think the greatest benefit of the organization is the opportunity to meet other lawyers, learn from them, and enjoy their company.

It also provides numerous volunteer opportunities, and I especially enjoy working with others to pursue the common goal of greater access to justice through education and our legislative efforts. I would encourage anyone interested in participating more to come to one of our Legislative Committee meetings and learn how the UAJ works to preserve and protect our rights on a statewide level.

Thank you for making the pitch to your colleagues to get more involved! And speaking of volunteering, you have taken on the mega-responsibility that is serving as UAJ Legislative Committee Chair. Please tell us what that experience has been like; What have you learned? Was the process of law making what you expected? How about lobbying and political activism (testifying at hearings, speaking to representatives, etc.)? Now’s the time to brag about the valuable work you all do for the UAJ and its membership.

In my opinion, the UAJ has two primary functions: education and legislation. Having the opportunity to chair the Legislative Committee for the last year has been a great honor and remarkably satisfying. The members of our committee work tirelessly along with our lobbyists to draft and pass legislation that has a real-world positive impact on the people who live in Utah and the attorneys who are members of our organization. We also spend a great deal of energy opposing legislation that would negatively impact Utah’s citizens and our practice areas.

This last year, we faced a multitude of challenges related to private entities attempting to obtain some form of immunity through the legislative process. Our group and our lobbyists were able to either defeat or modify the proposed legislation in a manner that protected all of us. It really is an amazing group of volunteers who take it on themselves to protect all of us.

Also, it’s very exciting! It’s fun to be at the Capitol engaged in negotiating legislative changes, meeting our state representatives and senators, getting to know them, and seeing the product of the late-night phone conferences and hard work. Again, I would encourage anyone who is interested to come lend a hand and see for yourselves what all the fuss is about and how fun it really is.

Helping create positive change AND you’re having fun doing it. That’s great to hear. I also wanted to ask you about your recent increase from Silver to Gold Eagle membership. Firstly, THANK YOU! Our Eagle Members make so much of what we do as an Association possible. And secondly, what influenced you in making that decision?

It seemed like the right thing to do. We are always asking others to donate to our cause and to contribute to the legislative PAC. It was important to me to support the UAJ and the work it does because it helps so many people.

We appreciate your support! Before we say goodbye, are there any other fun facts you’d like to share?

My love of the water has turned into a quasi-obsession with fly fishing. I write a lot and am currently in the process of writing a book about surviving terminal cancer when I was 13. I love to cook for my family and friends, and my home is often filled with people eating, drinking, and enjoying a cigar or a pipe.

Mostly, I’m just grateful for my life, the people in it, and the work I do.

Well said, Chuck. We at the UAJ are also very grateful; for your time, energy, commitment, support, and dedication to our organization, its cause, and the people of Utah that benefit from the work you do with us. Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep up the fantastic work!

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